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I started college in California and now the EDD has sceduled a phone interview

by Luis
(Rialto, California)

I received my first unemployment check and then started school at a community college.

I'm only taking one two hour class. I'm no where near full time or even part time, just taking a class so I can slowly work toward a . a.a or a.s while working and looking for work.

The EDD has sent me a letter stating I need to do another phone interview.

Are they going to stop all my checks until the interview because its not for a month and a half . and well, I got court fees to pay, so I'm in a state of emergency . thank u for ure time.

Hi Luis,

They may suspend your benefits until the investigation is concluded and another determination is issued on the claim letting you know your fate.

However, since this is California, they just want to know the college course isn't interfering with your ability to work and that you aren't intentionally limiting your availability to accept suitable work if it interferes with the college class.

Accepting a job, when it comes to unemployment rules will always trump the personal choice to continue school .. unless you receive special permission to forgo the job search and the conditional eligibility requirement to be able and available for suitable work.

Although falling behind on paying court cost is an unfortunate possibility if they do suspend benefits .. it is also irrelevant, like bills we all need to pay .. to the EDD.


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