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I stuck to the point and I got my benefits back

by Ana
(NJ unemployment benefits)

Hi Chris,

I want to thank you for your help.

I got my unemployment back by following your advice to stick to the things I did to try to keep the job. I was successful. Thank you so much. I would not have known that, if I hadn't spoken to you first!

Also, I found out that there is no real cap on how many hours you can be required to work if you're exempt. Isn't that a kick in the head? It seems like exempt employees are actually slaves if the employer wants them to be.

Thanks again, Chris. Your help has meant a great deal to me and my ability to be able to get by while I'm unemployed. I don't know what my family and I would have done if this hadn't worked out.

I'm still looking for a job but its brutal out here.

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