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I submitted my own partial unemployment form without notifying my employer (CA).

by Camille
(San Diego, CA)

My hours were reduced from 40 hours/week to 20 a few months ago. I am eligible for the full $450 CA payment if I had no job, but while working 20 hours I receive about $75 a week. Am I doing anything illegal by not involving my employer? Based on what I've read I might be eligible for 50% of the $450 since my hours/pay were cut by 50%. Is this true?

Hi Camille,

No, you did not do anything illegal. Believe me, your employer was involved. When you fill out an unemployment application, the first thing the state does is send a notice to the employer that a claim has been filed. They have a certain amount of time to respond and if the employer responds with an objection to your receiving benefits and investigation ensues. This is the adjudication process.

This is how California Partial Unemployment benefits are determined.

They compute your weekly benefit amount for total unemployment on the wages paid to you in your base period.

When you file for continuing benefits and report your wages for the 20 hours they then disregard the greater of $25 or 25% of those wages and reduce your weekly benefit amount dollar for dollar for the remainder of what you were paid.

So I'll take a guess and say you make $468 or 469 a week if you get $75 a week in benefits.

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