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I think I will be fired for performance issues

I was told by an coworker today that our boss mentioned that I was going to be fired on Monday August 31st. I am assuming it is because of non-performance however have not been told about this. I know there are other employees who are at the same percentage YTD that I am but feel like I am being picked on. I need to know if I can collect unemployment and also if I do get fired will it be on any kind of record for future employers to find out about. Thank you for your time and please get back to me as soon as possible.


I have no idea if you can collect unemployment .. I don't know any details and if you want help you'd have to click here first.

Any kind of record for future employers. That's one big huge question. And the answer is probably yes.

There are a number of employment and income verification services that have all kinds of employment records.

The biggest of all has approximately 70 million records. That's 70 million out of an estimated 110 million American workers. And guess who bought the company that has all the records?

Alright, I'll tell you.

One of the three major credit reporting agencies.

Does this bother anyone .. besides me?

Guess how they got all those records .. Handling UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS for employers.

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