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I think I'm going to be fired after three write ups for not hitting required goal numbers.

by Monique
(Grand Rapids, mi)

My company sells **** network so we have goals we need to hit every month. I have had three write ups for not hitting my numbers... which is going to lead to my termination. Its not like I didn't try to sell the cable is just really hard in Michigan and the crappy economy. HELP

Hi Monique,

And that is exactly what you should tell the state when you apply for unemployment.

If you are fired, the employer should be able to prove your lack of meeting quotas was caused by you intentionally through your carelessness or negligence.

Read this page for what Michigan wants you to know about Misconduct.,1607,7-118-26831_27122_27127-78538--,00.html

I think you'll be okay.

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