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I Want This CSR to Collect Unemployment Benefits

by Chris -

Do you?

This morning I got one of those frequent and annoying emails from LinkedIn the social network where if you want a job, you have to get your profile out in front of those who hire.

One of the ways to do that is to comment on articles by "thought leaders".

And it's usually the comments that I find entertaining give me food for thought to wonder how many employees have been fired for their comments on LinkedIn, or didn't get a job because of one.

You can read the thought leaders thoughts here.

Seems a Comcast customer retention rep .. was being disrespectful to a customer.

But, I heard something else in his voice.

Here's the You Tube Video of the call.

If you can't hear the desperation in the nonsensical babbling to get the customer to play along with the script I'm sure he MUST follow to get answers for some metric or another for Comcast.. you'd probably be a lousy thought leader, but a great workplace bully who demands employees attain unreasonable goals at any cost .. to get paid the ever decreasing bonus when you fail to get the answer.

Newsflash .. arguments at unemployment appeals often touch on the reasonableness of the demand of goals and the workplace culture of what happens to you if you don't meet goals.

Is your workplace filled with fear and intimidation of a manager
(also under the gun for a bonus) taunting and threatening you to get you to perform what seems humanly impossible .. even to the customer?

Does upper management allow a tyranny that crosses the employee rights border each and everyday?

Let's face it front line employees have a different perspective and purpose for what they do do for a living each day than those sitting in lofty and detached upper management offices .. never to visit the front line.

If as a customer you think real customer service has become a thing of the past .. remember who drives what good customer service should be. The customer .. that might be a front line employee where they work.

But it's not the rep on the other end of the phone who is simply trying to do the job his employer demands he do.

And in this unemployment case, I heard desperation, albeit ridiculous sounding, but you've got to ask why.

I've dealt with Comcast before .. and that's a company that thinks they have the TV watching public .. over a barrel.

Can yout ell me why you are cancelling your service with Comcast .. the best corporation to ever apply Walmart business practices to the world of entertainment.

Are you a customer service rep who feels desperate to attain goals for a compensation plan designed with the expectation you will fail to meet those goals?

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