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I Want to Be a Multi-Media Artist Not Just a Low Wage Earner

by Melissa

Since graduating with my BFA in May 2009 I have been looking for decent employment. I have had 5 low paying jobs to get by that didn't work out for various reasons (1. being a victim of sexual harassment) and then I found a job that had nothing to do with what I love to do - I became a used car salesperson! Unbelievable! It paid more than what I had been receiving previously. I worked hard and struggled with putting my artmaking and photography on hold.

My goal was to work there until I could save some $$ to start my own studio business. Well after 44 hours a week for 3 months to that job I was recently fired. It was not for misconduct; there was an agenda to get me fired without warning - it was political.

I was told on many occasions that I was doing an amazing job there. "It just isn't working out" they said. A week before I was asked to submit a biography of myself to add to their website with long term employees...that was a big deal and reflected that they wanted me there for a long time.

I just had my fact-finding interview on Friday and I am pretty confident I will receive benefits (but they aren't much because I had not worked much in the past few quarters). I came to the realization that I shouldn't wait to start my own business rather take this opportunity to research and apply for loans. My plan of action, before, was to save money to be in a better position to start a business. Not anymore.

I have dreams of running my own business and answering only to myself. I want to make something beautiful out of all of my misfortunes - because despite it all I have learned something from every crappy job I have had. My mistake when I graduated was to take anything I could get because I needed $. I know now that is incredibly unhealthy and only ends up hurting your marketability later. This is a really hard time to find a job and with my niche it is even harder - so I am on a mission to start my own business RIGHT NOW!

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Dec 12, 2010
I want to take this opportunity ..
by: Chris - Unemployment-tips

To wish you monumental success .. however you might measure that.

Hi Melissa .. Multi-media artist with a BFA.

I'm certain you worked hard for that fine arts degree, so why not use it to do what you love.

I also want to thank you for being the first to submit a most inspiring story I've read .. at least on this site .. about a determination to achieve a goal. A dream that you have for yourself is the worthiest of goals

Just to be on the safe side .. I also went out and found the web page for you or anyone else in Virginia with a dream of being financially free from having to work for others someday .. hopefully in the near future:)

Virginia's rules about being "able and available for work.

Pay close attention to being able to prove a valid job search per Virginia's rules and be very careful about refusing any offered work .. especially if it comes through the unemployment department.

Should you have to report any earnings from "self-employment" you do not want it coming back to bite you because you are "perceived" to not be able and available or looking for work because you can't produce a valid job search log.

But, back to personally thanking you for expressing what I can now, only wish I had learned at a much younger age.

Follow a dream and it has the same chance of becoming a reality as anyone's. The real help we need to turn a dream into reality lives within us.

It takes time, effort and energy to work toward any dream or goal .. be it your's or a crappy employer's.

It's funny, I started out with just the dream of being financially independent of an employer by sharing what I learned being "just a cubicle bound employee", but along the way I found what I would love to do.

I love sharing with some and I love be touched by others when it comes to growing and believing in ourselves.

Time to turn of the sap:) But it's heartfelt.


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