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I want to quit because my employer owes me unpaid commissions.

by Scott

I work for a company that owes me commissions for previous sales. They are overdue in paying me by about 6 months. I want to quit so I can look for another job with a more reliable employer, but I'm not sure if I would qualify to collect unemployment comp in the mean time. Also, the company is closing the local office where I work in 30 days and I would have to commute about 50 miles each way. Should I quit now or in 30 days?

Hi Scott,

I'd wait. 50 miles is a long way and it will also give you some time to check into or at least make another attempt to get your money.

How to make a claim for unpaid wages. This is just the search result on Florida's Website.

I'm almost certain I read that if you have to hire an attorney .. the employer will have to pay for that too.

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