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I want to quit because of workplace harassment by my boss.

by amy

I have been with a company for 9 years, with an explenary record. The new Director constantly ask me to do projects that are not for my dept. He makes me very uncomfortable. When I asked him to email the tasks to me he tells me to go to his office to speak with him. I spoke to HR about this and initially they agreed with me, but now we are very short handed so they tell me I must assist him. I have become physically ill here.

I had tried to get a new job to no avail. I have not been able to with this economy. I am terrified to quit because I am a single mom and afraid I will lose my house.
Is there anyway I can quit my job and still collect unemployment?

This, Amy, is a request for personalized advice. I'm happy to help, but since I don't know what you are calling "harassment" and you have to prove the good cause to be harassment that would cause any reasonable person to quit, I cannot answer this question .. except with the general information I provide about "quitting with good cause".

If you want to discuss the "details" with me, I'm available to do that.

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