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i want to quit my job and collect employment because of how my boss makes me feel.

by Anonymous

i miss a couple of days of work because my daughter fell and hit her head her doctor told me to keep my eye open to see if there is any changes, but the day that my daughter had her accident she made it into a please please let me go home so i can see what happen and this goes for anytime my kids are sick i feel like i have to beg to take them to the doctor, she makes me feels uncontrollable and unable to go to her for anything.

but i have seen where she has let other people early to go to casinos turnaments i dont feel like thats fair.

Hi Anonymous,

The problem isn't her .. it's you. If you need to leave work to take care of a medical issue for your child, don't beg .. If you feel you are being treated unfairly by her, take your problem to a higher authority.

If you quit your job and tell the unemployment office what you've said here, you will be denied benefits, but not necessarily because you don't have good cause, but because you are not seeing your situation objectively.

You need to remember that when someone quits, they are the one that must prove good cause existed.

I'm trying to get you to focus on specific incidents or behaviors of the person that you think would cause a reasonable person to quit.

Carrying on about how she makes you "feel" is what will get you disqualified.

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Jun 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

what about the supervisor letting other leave early to go casino tournaments isnt that unfair.

Yes, it's unfair, but you mentioned nothing about any effort you have made to correct the unfairness.

Maybe you'll be better able to understand the problem you'll have if I come at from a different angle .. namely, the employers.

Let's say you quit without first making any attempts to fix this unfairness and as I always recommend .. documenting your attempts.

You file for unemployment .. they deny or maybe they actually allow benefits. In either case, lets assume either you or the employer appeals to a hearing.

Guess what the employer's argument will be .. never mind .. I'll tell you.

The claimant quit without good cause because she failed to preserve the employment by notifying the employer of the unfairness she claims she was subject to. If she had told the employer, efforts would have been made to correct the problem.

You have to understand you are employed in "at will employment". They can fire you for any reason as long as it's not illegal and you can quit for any reason, but if you want to get unemployment benefits when you quit .. you have the burden, you have to prove the good cause and you cannot do that in your situation without taking the issue you are having to this person and then above this person's head if things don't get better.

Your title was "I want to quit AND collect unemployment.

Let's say for argument sake that you are currently being progressively disciplined for attendance issues and the reasons for your absences have been to take your children to the doctor or hospital. The employer has told you through use of written warnings that one more absence .. and you will be discharged.

But as children do, one of them gets sick and the daycare won't take them. You have no choice but to take them to the doctor .. again. You properly notify the employer, but they fire you anyway.

You will very likely have no trouble getting unemployment benefits because the situation which caused your absence was beyond your control. You can prove it with the note from the doctor.

In your original question, you made no mention of putting the employer on notice about what you believe to be unfair treatment. It may even be harassment.

The question for the state is .. why should you be entitled to unemployment benefits if you did not allow the employer to "control" or address the problem you were having.

When we quit a job because of the employer, we are basically firing our employer and we need to warn them progressively so they can make an effort to correct the problem, just like we should be able to expect the same before we are fired.

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