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I was a highly compensated executive who lost his job. What is the maximum weekly unemployment compensation in florida?

by tb
(st aug, fl)

made over $300k in 2009 (worked the entire year). filed for unemployment last week. the state has calculated that I am entitled to $275 in unemployment comp per week. Does this sound right?


That is correct tb. If you earned $500,000 a year, the max benefit in Florida is $275 .. and hopefully that extra $25 a week and the Cobra subsidy .. the feds need to renew.

That's why everyone should have a nest egg .. whether there making minimum wage or 6.5 times the American average household income .. because $275 a week will barely feed a family of four nowadays.

Actually, it's because of the wage base (the amount of earnings each year an employer must pay UI tax on for each employee) Florida's is 7150 or 26 x 275.

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