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I was asked to RESIGN from my job in CA and i wrote a Resignation letter thanking my employers!!!

by Feeling Lost

I was asked to resign on May 6th 2010 from my job. I had worked there for two and half years and I had been feeling pressured and given write ups the last couple of months. I guess this is what you mean Chris when you say employers are calculating and very good on documenting. Needless to say I signed the resignation letter they provided since i was thankful to have been asked to leave I was dreading the thought of quitting. I then began to cry since I hadn't been expecting to be leaving my job. I wrote a very nice resignation letter thanking them for allowing me to work there and grow with the company. I was truly shocked to know they had hired someone else to replace me on Monday. They had been wanting me to quit. I'm recieving unemployment. Today i recieved a letter that my employers are appealing and i will have to attend a hearing. Can i win.

Hi Lost,

It depends entirely on why they asked you to leave.

For unemployment purposes, I would not call your separation a voluntary quit, but a "quit in lieu of discharge".

It's weird how many resignation letter I have read that were just like yours .. Thanks, been great working here .. glad you allowed me the opportunity .. only to find out the letter was tendered under circumstances that were entirely what I would call a discharge.

Which brings me to my point .. most unemployment departments consider a quit in lieu of discharge .. a discharge and the burden should be placed on the employer .. but of course it can become difficult to prove this when the resignation letter is oh, so nice.

A resignation letter is documentation which you use to lay out your case for unemployment benefits .. why hand a tool to fight with over to the employer willingly?

Things that might help would be your personnel file.

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