I Was Bullied Into Leaving My Job

by Mary

I was employed for 7 yrs by this company.

They started to notice every little thing and what they couldn't, they just made up.

They have accused me of not doing my job. They sited "other staff members" as saying I did this or that. No name, no face to put with the staff members.

The site administrator is a known liar and would make up stories of departments that had "reported " me.

I have had a blemish free record in nursing. No patient has ever complained about me. No employer up until now, has accused me of not doing my job. I am a breast cancer survivor and have other serious health concerns. I always asked for time I needed for these appointments in advance. the last one to a cardiologist was denied me, even though my boss had already approved it. She claims she never got the request. Funny, I had the approval response.

In May it got to the point where I was starting each day out being physically sick driving to work. Chest pain, nausea, and anxiety every day just to name a few. Being under that kind of pressure in an environment where you give vaccines, inject pain meds and start IV's to name a few of my jobs, was dangerous to myself and to the patient. I was so afraid I would make a mistake. I was upset more than I wasn't.

In the interest of patient safety and because I could no longer stand the pressure of constant harassment, I felt compelled ( more like forced) to resign. They are now fighting my unemployment.

I have retained legal counsel. I need insurance, I need income and these folks are inconsiderate at best and cruel at worst.

I need the unemployment and they are dragging their feet answering my attorney. Iguess I will just have to wait.

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Jun 19, 2015
Response to Chris
by: Mary

By dragging their feet, I mean they are very slow to respond to my attorney. I think they think I will go away.
When I told them I felt I was being forced to leave, no one even responded to that statement.
I made it clear in my resignation letter that I would not have chosen to resign but was compelled to do so because of the constant harassment I was under.

Jun 18, 2015
How is the employer dragging it's feet?
by: Chris - Unemployment-Tips.com

By dragging, do you mean requesting a hearing postponement?

I feel for you Mary, but your situation is a common one, but here, even being forced into quitting due to bullying .. it means the burden of proof is still on you .. in Massachusetts.

The state has a pretty good selection of unemployment law resources as well one can use to get a handle on their unemployment issues.

Whether you answer my question, or not Mary, I wish you well.

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