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I was collecting unemployment in CA, and took a temporary contract out of state. Can I reopen my CA claim?

by Kate

I was resident in CA from Jan 2008 to June 2009, and was laid off in June 2009. I received CA unemployment and was half way through my first extension when I was offered a temporary contract out of state (MO), which I took.

When I filed my last claim with CA, the CA representative I spoke to said that I would be eligible to reopen my claim when the contract ended; however, although the CA unemployment department was aware that the company I was working for was based in Troy MI, I didn't think to stress during my interview that my contract position was based out of the CA state. The UI benefits that were paid during this contract were paid to MO not CA.

My contract has now ended. I was told that I haven't been let go for cause, rather the department is restructuring. Am I able to open an existing claim or a new claim in CA if the contract was in MO? Do I need to be resident in CA to reopen a claim?

Many many thanks, for any advice,


Hi Kate,

Yuck, an extension question.

Let me start with the fact that you have an existing CA claim until sometime in June .. apparently, so you should first try to reopen that claim.

It's the extensions that throw a monkey wrench into everything and whether after your current claim expires.

What I don't know is if
you will be allowed to get further tiers on your present claim or if since you did have "subsequent work" which would be qualifying for a 2nd benefit year .. whether at the time your current claim expires .. what the State of CA will tell you to do.

Currently, the extensions that do exist were only extended for two months (I believe, through the end of May ..

Supposedly congress is working on the possibility of extending both benefits and cobra subsidies through the end of 2010.

I believe you will be told you have to file a claim on the MO wages .. MO pays a lot less than CA so expect a drop in weekly unemployment benefits.

The question for me about the extensions is whether you can collect an extension on a higher paying claim .. if you have sufficient wages to establish another claim for "regular benefits"

My thought would be to say no .. because if any government can push the cost of it to an employer's account vs. the government paying for your benefits .. that's what they'll do .. despite the fact that your weekly benefit amount will drop like a rock.

I keep telling everyone .. that they know more than me about extensions and I'm continually begging people to come back and add a comment to let everyone know how it worked for them.

If you get the time .. please let me know.

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