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I was Collecting when I was In another country fot two months

by stacie
(New York Unemployment Benefits)

I was Collecting money from the unemployment when I was in another country for two months.

Now, I came back and I'm still unemployed and a full time student.

This week I received a letter from unemployment that said they have some information that I'm not available for full time work and they will call me next week for the hearing and that can affect my benefits.

Please, can tell me what to do, and if there is some fines for that or what ?


Hi Stacy,

No, I can't tell you what to do because I can't think of a thing that would make any difference.

One of the primary conditions you must meet to collect unemployment .. in addition to being monetarily and non-monetarily eligible through no fault of your own is to be able and available for work in each week you claim and receive benefits for.

That would be hard to do while you were out of the country for two months.

Someone must have reported you or possibly the ISP you were certifying from indicated you were out of the country.

They will expect you to repay any benefits received from the week you became not able and available to accept work.

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