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I was denied because we sent appeal to late .

by Manuel Pereira
(Springhill Florida)

I was injured on the job and when the doctor okayed my return the employer said there was no work for me. I have been trying to claim unemployment benefits through you, but have gotten nowhere. There is a language barrier, so my daughter has been helping me. I do not have a computer at home so my daughter has tried this appeal process. again we have been trying to understand what all the problems are but we can't appeal over the phone. My daughter and I had a threeway phone conversation with your tel-a-center, but they will not take the appeal I cannot write you a letter because I speak portuguese so my daughter is helping file the appeal via internet.


I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties.

First, this website is NOT associated with any State's website. You have not been trying to appeal anything here because this is an information website. We do have links to State websites, where you can file claims and appeals.

To file a Florida unemployment claim or appeal go here:

With that said, I do not understand why you are not getting anywhere with the state. Your particular situation should be found to be eligible for unemployment.

If your appeal is late make sure your appeal also includes good cause for the late filing. It might not be a bad idea to contact someone in your county for assistance. Florida Legal Aid

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