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I was disqualified for unemployment benefits due to misconduct in NC? What are my next steps?


I had some paperwork in a satchel beside my desk all the time while I worked. Everyone knew it was there and I put all paperwork there daily. It was paperwork that I needed to file or mail that required to be mailed. I inadvertently took it to my car and when I realized I did this I went out to my car to retrieve it and when I got back in the office, a CPA in the office asked for me to bring my bag to the back and she went through the bag and, as I said there were documents in there that needed to be filed. She said she was going to tell my employer and I said okay.

I went in and talked with my boss and told him the situation and everything was fine.

I went to lunch came back and my employer and the CPA were going through my desk. Employer took me in his office and confronted me about the paperwork and said that he was going to put me in the back office and my assistant would take my place but I better start looking for another job. We walked out of his office and he stated he wanted to search my car and I did not object because I have nothing to hide.

We went down to my car and I opened the car and he told me to take everything out of the back which I did, then he and the other CPA proceeded to search my entire car, they said they found some things but they didn?t show me what they were. Scott said for me to go home
and he will call me the next day. I asked if I could go upstairs and get my purse and he said yes.

When I got upstairs he stated he wanted to search my purse and I agreed and I with the other CPA took out everything in my purse on the front table (which was so embarrassing) and nothing was in there. I then asked for my cell phone and he gave it to me and left.

I worked there for almost 16 years, and in that time, I have been a loyal, dedicated and hard working employee. I never received any warnings, except once in the second year I was working for him, for anything, I even received a bonus two weeks before which has on it what a wonderful job I was doing.

I admit I made a mistake, but it was not intentional. I worked for him and worked late, I made deposits to the business checking for him, I did errands, I basically ran the office, and just like that I was fired.

I filed for unemployment and they disqualified me because of misconduct. I'm not sure what to do now?

I'm so distraught?

Hi Michelle,

You need to file an appeal to the determination which denied unemployment benefits. It should have come with the instructions as to how to do this. It's easy to appeal.

Then you need to prepare for your hearing. You haven't really said why the employer was searching your desk, car and purse. It's like there is a big gap in the story.

My guess, it will be the information you didn't provide here that will be the focus of the hearing.

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