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I was fired but my ex-employer says I quit.

by Angie
(Florida Unemployment Appeal Hearing)

I was fired from my job on January 26th of this year. It was during an audit that my district manager fired me because as a cashier my drawer was turning up short quite a bit that month but I know for a fact that I wasn't stealing or miscounting the change to the customers. Well after being fired about a few weeks to I think a month the manager that was present the night I was terminated was then fired himself. Apparently after I was fired there was an investigation to see what was going on because I wasn't the only cashier that there drawer was short a few times but I wasn't like the others that would pay the difference of the drawer out of my own pocket because I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was told they caught that manager in the cameras stealing money and that’s why they fired him. So now my question would be since they caught the person or the "reason" of why I was fired why couldn't I get my job back? So I tried over and over to go back but I was always denied my return. At one point I was told I couldn't get my job back because once fired I couldn't be rehired. So I just let it be and tried looking for another job. Months passed and still no job so I had no choice but to apply for unemployment because I had things that needed to be paid. So on June 2nd I applied for unemployment and I was eligible and soon enough I was collecting unemployment. Then on June 21st I was told by one of the kitchen managers from that job that the general manager received an e-mail from some lady asking him to give her more information on why I got fired (most likely someone from unemployment). That day the kitchen manager also told me that she found out that when they filed my paperwork they put that I voluntarily quit. Five months since I was fired up to that date and not one person mentioned to me that "I quit," not a single person because no one even knew. This was something they decided to do because as of January 26th the words that came out of the district managers mouth that night was that I have to be terminated. So where do they get that I quit? Who knows. There’s cameras in that office. I'm pretty sure the tears flowing down my face aren't because I decided to quit. One of the managers from that store (Jose) was moved to a new store to become general manager there. He's the only manager that has been trying to help me through all this. He was told some time after I got fired that once

he had got his own store that he could rehire me at that location (this was before I knew that my paperwork said that I quit). So on June 23rd Jose e-mailed this lady to check my status to see if I can be rehired at his store. Then on June 25th he got a response saying that she said I can be rehired. Then on June 29th he even got the okay from corporate to rehire me. I thought everything was going great. I figured I would just drop my unemployment and start working again but then June 30th once again I get bad news. He called me to tell me that he couldn't rehire me because the district manager who fired me threatened him saying that if he hired me at his store that he'll (Jose) get fired. So now to make matters worse I get a letter for an appeal hearing stating that my ex-employer says I voluntarily quit for personal reasons and that continued work was available. But how many times did I try going back and I was denied. You can ask anyone I worked with. They'll tell you how great of a worker I was. I was never involved in any problems, when they needed me I was always there, I was never written up (never even written up for any of the times my drawer cam up short), and I never got in trouble. When I filed for unemployment I filed saying I was terminated which is exactly what happened but now they want to go against that saying that I quit voluntarily which is NOT true.

I have no proof or evidence that I was fired other then that manager that was there when it happened but he's best friends with the general manager who's pretty much starting this appeal so i highly doubt he'll take my side.I never signed any papers. The only thing they probably have against me is the paper where THEY put that i quit. But thats a false statement. I'm pretty sure they're just fighting this so there taxes wont go up. Is there anything I can do or say?

Hi Angie .. I removed the rest of your name because it is not wise to do so on this site.

I'm also going to keep this answer short as I've addressed it many many times.

You have the right to subpoena relevant document from the employer and submit documents. You also have the right to subpoena witnesses.

I suspect your employer uses an unemployment cost control company and that you were coded out in payroll improperly and that is why they responded you voluntarily quit for personal reason

The response is the same language used for any generic claims response from both the companies I used to work for.


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Sep 09, 2016
Fired for having asthma air broke no ac
by: AnonymAous

Manager was my fellow employee.She has always tried to get me in trouble with bosses I've worked at my job 21 years. My workplace business was actioned off she has been there 22years in which I never had a problem w I think I wasn't interested in being in charge in a small establishment Im experienced in mngmnt and understand how difficult it can be.i be always had her back I never make fun of or talk about anyone. One day I opened called to tell her ac was broke 92 degrees at 10 am 110 outside'she came in and stated that her brother would be here to fix but he's busy get here when he gets here.I explained that I have asthma and can't stay she said go home then sent me text 8hrs later saying I was fired(she worked in my place) it was so hot they closed later that evening

Oct 06, 2013
wheres the pentaltys for ...
by: ssdd los altos

the employers that sabotog us workers and falsly accuse or make up stories to screw us for getting our earned benifets ? wtf is the reverse punishment too their false alleigations that deprive us from only income
how the hell they exspect ANYONE to maintain a lifestyle by all these postponments and 20 days her 20 days there and still no funds to keep ur phone or rent to recieve these bs fillout for pay and never recieve anything 2.5 months to be concidered denied due to a liar and minipulating a-hole not only lost my career and dedications to motel 6 corp. thats allowing uninvestigated multi violations for labor issues and his abusive . racist, criminal GM is demostrating violations that are many and not answer to any reports of them by us employees i was fired for abandoning a hostile and abusive event inwhich involved a inisent guest that was being denyed her stayover because he thought she was a prostitute and wasnt brsides if was he handled it so illegal and over the top violating insulting and insulting my removing self do to fearing him was my reason and now he is allowed to take away my benifets he took my income now survival.

Feb 20, 2012
I was fired but my ex-employer says i quit.
by: Anonymous

Hello !

I would appreciate your support, thank-you

What should i do i was fired but my ex-employer says i quit.

Oct 23, 2011
I was also fired but my ex-employer says I quit
by: tonya

I had a work injury on one day the next two days I was already off. I hurt myself but I didnt go to the doctor or anything. By the the way it was at like a subway restaurant where I do regular cleaning. They decided to have me clean cealing fan with a towel and the ceilings are very high and someone else gets paid to do the ceiling and odd jobs. I fell with a customer in the store and also the ass. Manager was there. She got mad at me after making me clean the ceiling fan and told me to get up and go home because she got something to do. So I said I just fell and your telling me I have to get out. She asked me what am I gonna do as if she wanted to fight me and told me im fired and don't come back. Since the, day I fell I couldn't get in touch with the owner pt the manager. or the asst. manager at the restaurant.

So I, file for unemployment and they tell unemployment i quit. But I didn't and not one time after my work injury did anyone of them tried to call me. But I have phone records to show outgoing call to them and no incoming calls from them. And they also didnt, report my correct wages.

And .. did you get unemployment benefits or not?

Jul 23, 2011
Florida sucks!
by: Anonymous

My experience is that Florida is horrible in every legal aspect so much good luck sent your way!!!!

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