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I was fired for a personality conflict with my boss - or was it workplace harassment?

by debbie
(Irvine, CA, USA)

My manager believed that I had conspired with other people in the dept against her on an ethics charge that was submitted by an employee against her with our company. She believed incorrectly that I was behind it and then she conspired with others in my dept to sabotage my work and harass me...ultimately leading to my being fired. She is not above lying about anything but the company does show that an ethics complaint was placed against her...what do you think about my getting unemployment benefits? I have never been fired before and I also have e-mails from other people in my company that say that I have done an outstanding job at work.

Hi Debbie,

I personally would not call that a personality conflict, but rather retaliatory measures by a person in authority over you. Did you never complain to a higher authority than HR???

It is illegal for an employer to engage in this practice and I think you should not only file for unemployment, but file an EEOC complaint and maybe even talk to a lawyer!

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Cry babies that get fired or quit
by: Anonymous

i think you should grow up! obviously you had something to talk about in the first place to get started on everything.

From a stay at home mom sick of people like you boobing wa wa wa

This is why I turned the feature off that allows new submissions, I needed a break from moderating. Unfortunately, I can't turn the commenting feature off.

This is part of the Q&A's when someone wants to offer an opinion .. stupid, ignorant, irrelevant or otherwise, there's a place for that as well.

I simply can't fathom what motivates such a willingness to think generalizations can cover such an opinion.

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