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I was fired for attendance reasons, can I still get unemployment?

by Frank
(Upstate NY)

I was working through an employment agency for a few days short of a year. I had to go to court many times and take my pregnant wife to her usual and sometimes emergengy doctor appts. Two weeks ago I left work early to go to the doctor for myself. The doctor took me out of work for the rest of the day due to a nerve problem in my neck. He gave me a note for this. When I called into work after my appt. I was fired. The supervisor at the work site said "you have been here almost 1 year and we have not been able to hire you on, I am going to terminate your contract". So I called the employment agency I work through and they said they are going to fight my unemployment. The employment agency ssaid that the work site gave the reason for my being fired as attendance. I was never warned,written up, or givin anything on paper ever in a year peroid. Having to do with attendance or anything elese. I have applied for unemployment however as promised the employment agency has "protested". What do you think?

Hi Frank,

What do I think? Fight back.

Here's the link to the NY interpretation index .. it's good for preparing a valid argument and even knowing how to file a claim with the intent of getting benefits.

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