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I was fired for Calling in with sick time in my bank. I think the employer discriminated against me.

by Ricky Nunez
(Chicago, IL)

I worked for this company for 3 1/2 years. I was a supervisor in two departments. When I was demoted to a warehouse clerk my pay was my supervisor rate. Recently my wife was sick and I took her to the hospital. I then call in the next day and told my boss that I wanted to take a personal day cause I wanted to stay with my wife and just watch over her. He said fine,and then a few weeks later I get fired because of my attendance. Everytime I called in I used either sick time or personal time. I did have issues in the past but cleaned up my act. I use to call in with no time in my vacation bank, but I changed all of that and made sure this time that I had time to use. He also said my performance was an issue,keep in mind I was a supervisor in two departments and have been there longer than this guy. They had just made him a supervisor in Feb, I got fired in April. He knows nothin about me and just gave me BS I think because business was slow and I was making the most hourly in the warehouse. So I feel they needed to cut a guy who was making money. I know this because when I was a supervisor I had to do the same thing. I was there on time and I know everything in that place. I fell I was discriminated against!!!

Hi Ricky,

What do you think is the reason for the discrimination. I suggest to anyone who tells me they were discriminated against to visit the
Undercoverlawyer website. The website specifically deals with workplace harassment and employment discrimination matters and has very good information for anyone who currently suspect they may be a victim of it as well as information that's good to have for future employment.

You know what my problem is with your story?? It's the fact that the employer waited three weeks to fire you for being absent .. and I might add .. the fact that your wife was in the hospital is an understandable reason for being absent. The state usually wants a lapse between the "final incident" and the termination explained. The reasoning is if someone did something so bad that an employer fires them for it .. why not do it when they broke the rule .. why wait. They want to see the relationship between the firing and the reason for firing. It's kinda like scolding a dog for kicking over the water dish .. two days later .. it makes no sense.

How long since your last warning for attendance? Why did they demote you? What specifically was this guys problem with your performance and had you ever been warned for performance issues.

Ricky, these are questions I'd be asking the employer to try to find something that would help them win. I think a claimant is well advised to view their situation from the employer's perspective .. it reveals a problem you may have and allows you to understand fully what you might be up against.

If you care to, please feel free to update this post and I'll be happy to "discuss" the details and point out any strengths or weaknesses I think exist.


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