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I was fired for fasfication my time sheets

by A.j

I was fired for fasification my time sheets.. the employer states that 11/21 I left work early but indicated 8 hours on my time sheets...

My team and myself went home early due to there being snow and rain, and we had been previously informed that we do not have to work when the weather is bad. We waited for a little over an hour on the chance that the weather would improve, when it did not we all went home. We were told by the supervisor to still fill out our timesheets as if we worked hours, because we still would get paid for the hours we missed due to the weather.

In the entire time that I worked there, the hours have not been consistent. We are all scheduled to work until 8 p.m., yet we usually went home at least half an hour to an hour before then, yet we still filled out our timesheets as though we worked until 8 p.m. It was common knowledge that people left early on a regular basis, including the weekends, and to my knowledge, no one has been disciplined or fired for this before.

In the week before I was informed that I was being discharged, the policy was abruptly changed, and everyone was told that they must start leaving at 8 p.m. until further notice. If the entire team, who were all leaving early until that announcement, were simply told that they must stay the entire time, I fail to understand why I was not reprimanded instead of being fired.

Hi, A.J.

Well, I think I have some questions.

The day of the snowstorm .. was it before or after the abrupt policy change.

If the supervisor told the team to write 8 hours on the time sheets .. was everyone on the team fired for also falsifying their time sheets?

Did the abrupt policy change also include the consequences for breaking the new rule?

And can you prove that the reason you falsified the time sheet was because your supervisor told you to do this?

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