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I was fired for insubordination. I need unemployment help in Michigan

by Lisa
(Kalamazoo, Mi)

I worked for a delivery service for almost three years. I started having issues with the boss. She was always rude to me she cussed at me and treated me unfairly.

Sometimes I would tell her how I feel in a nice way and she would take it in a bad way. I have tried to talk to her about the issues that I was having with her to solve the problem, but it just got worse.

I called the owner to try to make this issue with her go away, but he did not do anything about it. I addressed him a few times about this matter and he did nothing about it.

Well I got fired for insubordination I need help getting my unemployment because they are not giving it to me. The unemployment agency is not believing my side of the story because they are saying all these bad things about me and using driver complaints against me what do I do?


Hi Lisa,

You need to use Michigan's Advocacy Program This program can help deserving individuals get their unemployment benefits.


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Keep appealing
by: Aaron

Stick with it. Appeal all the decisions the unemployment agency decides you. Call their number , if you can get through, ask to speak to the manager every time the person your speaking to has no answers.
Fax and file on miwam all of your appeals. If you keep going it will even go to the Administrative Law Justice Court.
The burden of proof is on the employer. They must prove your misconduct.

Always report for your benefits so they know how much you are entitled to. If you don't, even though they aren't paying, they write it off as you don't need those weeks paid.

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