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I was fired for insubordination.

by Breann
(Upland, Ca)

There was daily harassment and sexual harassment going on, with sexual harassment being the biggest issue. There were also mice that were living in the building that would occasionally run across our feet. Very poor work environment and management. I was stressed out and very tired of what was going on, and nobody speaking up. When I took it up with HR and presented a long letter to them, nothing was done. In fact, they forwarded the letter to the manager, which obviously did not like it, and retaliation which I specified I was going to be concerned about if they found out, was on. The manager called me into his office at least 5 times a day for the smallest things, and I finally said no to going into his office the last day before I was fired. That is where the insubordination came from. I do believe I should be able to receive unemployment, if not something more with taking it to an attorney. What do you think?

Hi Breann,

I think you should first consult with an attorney. You have your letter to HR proving or at least showing a relationship between a claim of sexual harassment and being fired in retaliation. I pretty sure you would eventually get unemployment, but I think you should first consult with an attorney to make sure that's all you can get.

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