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I was fired for leaving my job to save a life

by Crystal

I work at a fast food restaurant where I have become friends with the one manager. To make a long story short, she has a past that involves addicion to alcohol. We were both suppose to open one morning and when she didn't appear on time (which was unusual), I began to worry that something was wrong since I didn't call her.

I tried calling her and texting her and she didn't answer. I called her neighbor to go check on her to see if she was home. I was informed by her neighbor that she was home, all lights were on in her home and her vehicle was in the driveway.

Her neighbor was able to look in her windows and found her laying in her bed motionless and didn't respond to loud knocking.

He then called 911. I called one of the other managers and told her what was going on and I told her I was going to her house, I was very upset and scared, as she is a very close friend.

I didn't have a key to open the restaurant and no one else was there to work at that time, so I left. I knew the other manager that I called was on her way. When I got to my friends house, it was found that she did indeed overdose on both alcohol and prescription mediation. She was taken by ambulance and was admitted to the hospital to I.C.U., where she stayed for a week.

I was fired for "abandoning my job" for a non family emergency. The police that came to the scene even said that I saved a life that day. The police officer
called the manager that fired me to defend me and this did not do any good. I was an excellent employee. I worked there for 18 months. I only had called in one time. I worked anything from 5am to 1am any day of the week.

I came in extra, stayed late, came in early, changed shifts and was very dependable. I had just received a raise and earned paid time off, which I understand to be very unusual at this establishment in less than 2 years. I had never been written up or disciplined for anything. I had also been given paperwork to start the process of going through team leadership training to start a promotion process to remain with this company for a very long time.

I just don't understand how one thing can be cause for being fired. And I really feel what I did was the right thing for the event going on. I would not have done anything different.

Hi Crystal,

Funny thing, how an employer expect us to act differently when the emergency doesn't involve a "family member", the thing is, often times it is non family that are the most important people in our lives.

I assume you are filing for unemployment? Let us know how that goes. Since you were not a keyholder, called another manager to let her know what was going on and what you were doing, I do not understand the abandonment part. You took steps to inform the employer and a termination for what you did seems likes an extremely harsh reaction.

Let us know if the unemployment department decides if what you did is considered misconduct. I for one, don't.


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