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I was fired for making statement about another employee on my space.

by mary
(Baltimore Maryland )

My boss is fired me for making statement on my space, he printed the papaer up and took it to appeal hearing. But first he told unemployment that I put in my two weeks notice and quit thene he said they let me come back and then he fired me .

All wrong I was think about putting in two week notice. I did not quit but did make statement on my space . He fired me on the phone I went to appeal hearing but I do not know anything yet. Do you think I have a chance to win this case. Thank You

Hi Mary,

I can't tell from what you told me.

But I would be interested to know if the "My Space" comment ends up being considered misconduct.

And by the way, I'm removing your last name .. employers have been known to actually search for prospective employees on this site and base their hiring decisions on what they learn about people here.

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