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I was fired for not doing my job well, but I feel I was discriminated against because I just had a baby.

by Ranae

I was a dr assistant for over a year and half. I went on maternity leave and was told my job would still be there with the same dr when i returned. I came back within a month of taking maternity to find out they had put me with a physicians assistant, which is a lower job with less work and now i miss out on a $300 mileage check due to me not traveling any more. I had went back to work on a thursday and had to call out on friday due to my newborn having a cold. I went back to work on monday and asked why i was not with the same dr and they said "the dr did not want you back, You are not very good at your job" . I was very upset I was never told i was not doing my job. I Was never warned verbally nor with a written warning. I then called out on tuesday to take my newborn to the drs office. I went back in on wednesday to be treated differently, then thursday morning they fired me. The girl that took my postion found out she was pregnant a week early and they let her go on friday. I feel i was discrimanted against for having a baby. i was never warned about inability to perform my job.

Hi Ranae,

It sounds to me like you were either discharged for poor performance for which they did not warn you about so you could make an attempt to improve your performance .. or .. they fired you because you were absent from work because you had to take your infant to the doctor. Neither of these reasons make for a strong position to establish good cause for the discharge.

The poor performance lacks documentation which the employer would need to provide showing that the performance was basically an intentional neglect of the duties reasonably owed to the employer and the second would be a discharge for being absent, but not within your control because as a parent you are also obligated to care for your child responsibly and you said it was to take the baby to the doctor .. for which you could or should be able to provide documentation in the form of a doctors note.

I do not personally address issues of workplace discrimination because I don't feel qualified to do so except to direct you to a website that focuses on workplace discrimination and how to protect yourself from it. It's good stuff to know!

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