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i was fired for performance and sick days

by Sue

I was told i was fired for my unsatisfactory work according to them and i had 5 out of the 6 occurences they call them in 6 months. They were all approved and i was paid for. Will i be denied unemplyment?

Hi Sue,

Great, an employer mixing policies.

Tell me what the final incident was .. attendance or poor work performance? Pinpointing the reason you were fired is very important.

Does the employer use a point system for attendance issues?

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fired for performance and sick days
by: Sue

I wasnt told a direct answer. I had to call Hr up and ask for i have a fact finding call tomorrow with unemployment. She said performance and attendence. We just call them occurences. If you use all 6 for the year then there not paid and you are warned. The last one i had a doctor note s i was emergency room and then when i said that when i was let go HR said it is still an occurence. I gave them my all but i had a co worker who seem to go and say things even if it wasnt true. My boss would aske me about them and say i think she is blowing this out a bit so why did this get used against me then hmm. I will say tomorrow i worked to the best of my ability but it wasnt to their expectations i guess. As for the attendence they were paid and excused and if i had to tell them why i was sick. My HR told me everyone get fact finding and i will be fine. But i dont feel fine and the job doesnt contest it.

Hi Sue,

That's exactly right, you did the job to the best of your ability. You're not sure what you were fired for except that HR told you it was for performance and attendance and that at least your last absence you provided a doctor's not to the employer because you we're in the ER.

Let me know how it goes and please let me know what the determination says.

I think it will work out well for you:)

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