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I was fired for political reasons - Florida


I was fired from my job because of pure political reasons. I had not one performance write-up in my file. I had been working weekend doubles as a nurse supervisor and had been attending school full-time to get my RN. I have been working and going to school, both full-time for six months. The state of Florida has denied my unemployment because I'm in school. I have filed an appeal. It says I attend school during the "customary work hours" of my occupation. That's not true because 3 days a week I get out of school at noon. Nursing is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week "customary" occupation. So technically, that leaves me with 5 days a week to work 3 to 11 shifts if you add the weekend. I have been looking for work and can prove it. What do you think my chances of winning on appeal are going to be? And any helpful hints for me?


Tell me what the hours were that you worked before you were fired.

Other than that, I would use the argument that "nursing is a 24 hour a day occupation so you are not unreasonably limiting your availability to work.

I wish Florida published their precedent manual .. it would be helpful.

You might try .. you can research to your hearts content for 24 hours free and when I tried this out .. I could even email the decisions to myself .. to print and copy.

I have seen other decisions .. from other states where it was found that a waitperson in the restaurant biz was not found to be limitiing availability while attending school because it also is a 24/7 business model.

Problem is I think it was CA and there is a world of difference between CA and FL.

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