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I was fired for something I did not do

by Laura

I have worked for the same company for 4 1/2 years. I began my employment working in one location. While there I received many, many awards for performance and was promoted once. I decided due to personal reasons to transfer to another location.

After I was there I soon regretted my decision. In the new environment I discovered I was very much the minority. More than 3/4 of the work place. I was passed over for at least 3 promotions and never once receivced an award, while keeping the same stats I had at the prior location.

I also felt very uncomfortable in the work environment. As an April Fools joke they packed up my things and placed them in a box on my desk as if I was fired. I continued to make my stats in fact in my last 6 month as a employee I was the ONLY person in my department making stats. I do believe discrimination may have taken place while I was working there.

Any time we were sick or late we were written up, not wanting to receive a write up, 2 weeks ago when I was extremely sick I went into work anyway, advised my sup of my illness and if they had any time off available I would like to take it. I worked for approx 4 hours and went home without a write up.
The next day I worked for approx 5 hours and was called to HR where my sup advised me I was being suspended for cussing on the floor. I advised my sup and HR I did no such thing. HR stated believed
my sup and I was being suspended and they would make a decision the following day if I still had employment. That day they accused me of this it was only me, my sup and one other sup on the floor.
I went in the next day and was terminated. I refused to sign the write up which now included information from the other sup that was there that I also cussed at a separate time that while walking to the break room which I knew was impossible because the only time I went to the break room that day I was running and covering my mouth to keep from being sick on the floor.
Nothing like this has ever occurred before. I have been a very good employee. Consistently, meeting and exceeding stats. I have never cussed at fellow employees, customers or managers. I have never received write ups verbal or written for any type of misconduct.

Hi Laura,

A few questions. Did you ever complain of harassment to HR?

I suppose I do not address frequently enough that the problems with collecting unemployment can very often have to do with what we either fail to do while still employed or our inability to prove what we did do about work problems while still employed.

So even though you were fired for something you did not do. The employer is obviously, willing to lie about it and you need to find a way to strengthen your argument that your being fired was done in "retaliation" for something.

So tell me, do you have anyway to prove any ulterior motive for the employer's actions as retaliation?

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