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I was fired for supposedly stealing a sweater!

by Jill
(St.Louis, Mo.)

Fired and Approved for ui but now 2 months later they are appealing it!Help!I was fired for supposedly stealing a sweater from my workplace, the manager said that I had it on my hips when I left on my lunch break, after I got back from lunch I finished my day, then my timecard was missing and I asked my manager where it was that's when he and another manager took me in the office and said we saw you take the sweater, I said it was mine, they said no, I said yes, they said well we cant use you anymore. Dumbfounded I left went home filed for unemployment waited was approved and received it for 2 months now I get a letter saying they are appealing it, there was no letter of guilt signed, no cops called, nothing.

Hi Jill,

Have you received the Missouri hearing packet?

Since it was the employer that terminated the employment and since it is their appeal, I am more inclined to want to know what documents they will admit or what witnesses they might have present for the phone hearing to "PROVE" you stole a sweater.

I would tell you to think about hiring a hearing rep for the Missouri "phone hearing", but MO is an attorney only state if you actually pay someone to represent you.

Tell me how they might explain some of these things which according to what you told me raise questions for me.

If they saw you take a sweater that did not belong to you, why didn't either one of them stop you at that time you were leaving for lunch?????

When they confronted your alleged wrongdoing in that meeting did they force you to hand over the sweater?????

Did they at anytime bring the supposed owner of the sweater that you allegedly stole, in to the room to identify their property before they made a decision to terminate your employment????

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Dec 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

It would also be nice if you still have the receipt for the sweater. I know that many people do not save them but it would be helpful if you had it.

This is true anonymous.

Sorry, I assumed she did not have the receipt .. because I know I wouldn't :)


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