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I was fired for willful misconduct

by sue

I worked for company for nearly 4 yrs. I was working an average of 80-100hrs per week, yes you read that correct. I sat on the couch and closed eyes for split second on a 20 hr shift, and on-call staff took a photo on her cell phone. sleeping? NO!!

Regardless, I was fired and denied unemployment benefits. I'm currently losing my home, car etc.
I heard in CT, that after a penalty period that have to grant you benefits?
What do I do? I didn't file an appeal because I knew sitting down was wrong, but simply needed a break. And how do I fight a photo???
But I'm being punished for it, by ONE losing my job, my only income, and now benefits! And have been applying for jobs everywhere!!!
Is there any truth to being able to re-file? And actually getting help?

Hi Sue,

I think that before I would have dismissed the possibility of an appeal .. I would have checked Connecticut labor laws to find out if working an employee 20 hours a day .. is legal or at least have argued that the picture .. unless it showed drool and had audio of the accompanying snoring didn't prove "misconduct" as defined by CT.

The disqualification in CT for misconduct is 10 times the WBA. The determination you received will tell you if you must only serve a period of 10 weeks or if to requalify you must also earn 10 times your weekly benefit amount in subsequent employment before you can requalify.

Of course it follows if you are required to earn 10 times your WBA you could only requalify if you have a qualifying separation from the subsequent employment. Most states require earning x amount which is the sum of your WBA over a certain period of time .. in CT that amount is equal to 10 weeks of benefits.

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