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I was fired from my job and denied my unemployment benefits. I am now waiting for my appeal date and want to know if I can win this.

by Melody

I was fired on 2/3/2010. My employer had been going out of his way to get me to quit up until the day he fired me. He told me he was taking away my office and moving to a location that would have made it near impossible to get my job done, he was harder on me than other employees, he was rude when speaking to me even calling me yelling once that if I didn't come back into work (after I was already off from my regularly scheduled hours and had been at home for hours) I was fired. He would tell me I could do things at work then write me up for doing them. For example, I am a college studetn that takes classes online and he would tell me that I could do the work in my office after the regular work was done. When I did that I was written up for it. He made inappropriate sexual comments to me (although I admit I didn't file any paperwork on this because I wanted to keep my job). My work was done although he says I was fired for misconduct and because my performance was not satisfactory. I was asked to illegal things on several occasions such as forging signatures on documents and forging email addresses to take surveys for customers that would not give the company good scores if they were to take the survey themselves. I refused to do those things in the months that led up to my termination. I am scared that I am not going to get my unemployment benefits and I really need them. Do I have a case here? What do I need to do?

Hi Melody,

Yes, you might have a case, but unfortunately, I don't know what you were fired for and I do not give free hearing preparation consultations ..

But you might want to use this to prepare for your hearing.

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