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I was fired from my job as a waiter because I had 3 different tables walk out without paying me (seperate occasions). Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?


My job is notorious for fighting to the death so that they wont have to pay unemployment benefits to their employees. I wanted to know if you have any suggestions for me as far as how can I defend myself in court against these seasoned pros. What is my defense? How can I make the judge see my point? What points should I bring up? What should I bring/do so raise my chances of getting approved? I should mention that I live in NJ and that there is no real way to prevent a table from walking out on you in a busy restaurant things get WAY too hectic and that I worked for the company for 4 yrs total. Thank you SOOO much in advance for your advice and god bless you for coming up with a website that has helped sooo many.


Recently, I noticed a proposal the the NJ legislature was considering adding the word "negligence" to their definition of misconduct.

Doing so, could be tailor made .. just to deny you benefits.

You need to check on whether they did this or not.

Because if they didn't .. you have a very good argument that you should be allowed benefits.

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