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I was fired what are my chances for unemployment/MI

by Ryan
(Detroit,MI,Wayne )

Hi, My name is Ryan I am 34....I have been working at a hospital in Detroit for 12 years and was terminated due to a charting error.....the time I charted on the patients chart was not the exact time but 15 minutes off from the time on the clock and when my boss was doing chart audits....she found this and called me in the office where she promptly suspended me and firing me the next day....I have no prior write ups or verbal warnings prior to the incident and I said I was sorry and would make sure it wouldn't happen again and I explained how i relied on the patients clock and not my own.....I was denied unemployment 2 times already now i have a court hearing...On the paper my boss submitted to the unemployment office it stated "misconduct" and on the corrective action (firing) it says inappropriate behavior...I know hospitals hate paying out unemployment and are quick to fire for no or not really a real reason...I know others who were fired and obviously denied also...when i go to court what is my best argument.....I also suffer from bad headaches and could possibly have health problems do i bring this up also?

I don't know what to do or say.....Can you please help me with any advice you can give me? Feel free to email me at [email protected] am having a hard time getting a job due to owing fines 350 on my licsence therefore when people check my licsence they do not hire me because as it stands I don't have one until I pay my fines and I'm on the verge of being without electricity and a home now....It has been over 3 months without a job or income what is my next step? What do i say in court? Do i need to hire a lawyer or will they appoint one? I am also without a phone.....What should be my next step?


Hi Ryan,

You must have submitted you question twice My answer is on this page Click here.

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