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I was laid off from my job in New York, got unemployment, found another job, but the job is not anything like I was hoping.

by Anonymous
(New York)


I had a very good job at a manufacturing facility for 6 years. I was laid off in the end of February 2009
I collected unemployment (New York State) for 1 1/2 months then I found another job. My problem is this... I have been at my new job for a month now and I am miserable there. I am having a lot of trouble catching on to what my new job is, I am used to "grease monkey" types of jobs and this place makes food products, so you have to be super clean with hair guards, beard guards, etc. To sum it all up, I was hoping this new work and environment and job would grow on me, but after a month, it is only getting worse by the day. It is not for me and the only way I could know this was to try it. Now, I am dreading going to work every day. I have no interest at all in this type of work I am not catching on, not happy, etc. I just want to resume collecting unemployment and look for a job that "fits" better. What do I do?

Hi Anonymous,

Oh brother, I hate this question .. It's one of those things that comes up "after the fact" and is way easier to assert some control over before you accept a job, than after you accept a job.

I think you'd have a problem collecting your benefits again.

Let's talk about "suitable work", shall we?

One of the requirements of us to continue to be eligible for unemployment each time we "certify" or file a claim for "continuing benefits" is to answer yes to the questions that ask if you looked for work or no to did you refuse "suitable"

What is suitable work? Like every issue in unemployment this to can vary from state to state (I realize I repeat this refrain often, but it's true) and a good little unemployed person should also make them self aware of what their state has to say about what suitable work is because refusing it or quitting subsequent employment you've accepted to get off of unemployment may very well screw you out of the benefits you were entitled to before. The state probably already knows because there are systems in place to report new hires and the federal government has a national new hire reporting system .. so they can track it better. It's one of the things that's supposed to cut down on fraud overpayment .. The last statement is just my opinion.

Your problem is just one of the snares placed along the path of collecting unemployment.

I think your specific problem will lie in the fact that you worked in "manufacturing" and this job you hate and are not interested in (not good cause) sounds like it is also in "manufacturing". The two things anyone in New York who is on unemployment need to understand about this situation are discussed under Refusal of Work and Voluntary Separation.

If there is a way out for you .. this is where you should begin your search.

I don't think having no interest will do it. You have to have a valid reason established to be valid by New York statutes and how they have been interpreted by New York.

You might get lucky and get fired for poor performance. As long as it cannot be proven that you "neglected your duties" you'd stand a better chance of winning on that issue than quitting the last employment without "good cause".

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