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I was laid off. My employer tol the state I was fired for unauthorized use of the company credit card.

by Tanya Hammett
(Warrenton, MO, USA)

My last day of work was 9/30. I was called in on 10/7 and told due to down sizing of the company they were letting me go.

Now three weeks later I get a letter stating that the company is saying I was let go for unauthorized charges to the company credit card.

Now my unemployment benefits are being held up. Is this right, can they do this? I never signed anything saying that I was being let go because of charges made to the company card.


Do you think it is possible that the company has provided the state with incorrect information? I'm sure if you called the company and told them what has happened, they would definitely correct the error.

The penalties for unemployment fraud are usually the same for employers as they are for claimants who willingly misrepresent facts. Trust me, the employer will want to correct any untrue information they may have provided, especially information as damaging as what you've told us.


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