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I was let go after almost 4 years with a company and was approved to collect unemployment.

by sharon

Recently, I was offered a position, the work was not a normal 40 hour work week and was also told I had to come in some Saturdays for training. Most of the staff worked at least 12 hour days (mostly commissioned based). As the company was into scientology and wanted us to take business courses written by L Ron Hubbard. I did not have a good feeling about this positon and decided to leave after one week of employment, they were completely understanding. When I go to file next week for my benefits in Florida and I put I made $400 that week and then the following week put in that I refused a job...should I answer it that I quit??

It was only a week and I could not have possibly put in the hours they asked. Also, my previous company is responsible my unemployment, correct?


Yes, you quit.

Doesn't matter which company is paying for the bulk of your unemployment benefits .. when you take a job subsequent to first becoming unemployed it is the separation from the most recent work that is looked at to see if you can continue collecting unemployment.

They will more than likely suspend your benefits until they can investigate why you quit and whether it was with good cause or not, but if you aren't truthful you will just being buying more trouble down the road.

Of course the only argument you have is why you quit. Scientology is a religion .. were you made aware you would have to take religious based business courses at the time of hire?

Personally, that would have made me quit too. Religion has no place in the workplace .. unless maybe when you work for a church ..

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