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I was "let go from my job". What are my chances of getting unemployment? NC

by H.

My ex-boss had been wanting to save money. He had the office manager sit with everyone to discuss 1 weeks no pay, or if they had other ideas. He cut everyone's pay, shortened lunches and still went with the idea of rotating peoples days off without pay.

Can I prove he wanted to save money and was freaking out about the economy and still get benefits?

I live in South Carolina. My job was in North Carolina.

Chris's Response - I was "let go from my job". What are my chances of getting unemployment?


I removed your phone number and other personal information, because you didn't email me to ask, you asked via a blog post.

I read your question three times. And I still think you left out the most important details that would allow me to make a more informed guess about your chances of collecting a total, or partial unemployment benefit amount.

WHY were YOU "let go"? Because if what you told me is accurate, all I know is your employer reduced everyone's pay. (Sometimes sufficient for good cause to quit a job due to a substantial change to the terms and conditions of hire.)

Shortened lunches (check the NC labor laws, just so you know if the shortened lunch might of taken the employer out of compliance with rest and break periods law. Which of course if it did, you would then be able to discuss rationally and reasonably with him why he shouldn't do that.)

And last, but not least, he instituted some sort of rotating reduced scheduling plan. (Which may, or may not allow an individual employee to collect a partial unemployment benefit .. depending on a few other factors.)

Overall, all your question did was create for me a concern that you might be feeling all these changes constitute a discharge, when in reality, any one of those things would be better suited to evaluate for good cause to quit a job .. at least that's my thoughts about your chances.


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