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I was not allowed to work to the date I gave to resign

Not allowing an employee to work to the date of resignation

If an employee gives a company two weeks notice, but the company then decides to let the employee go earlier, does the employee then become eligible for unemployment compensation in New Jersey?


You should explore the NJ statutes .. since I can't find a precedent decision manual to refer you to.

But sually, this does not overcome the fact that an employee was the one to resign.

And usually, whether the employee can collect or not, would depend on whether the employee was paid to the end date of their notice.

It is common for an employer to not allow employees to work through their notices for various reasons and the pay thing might entitle them to benefits minus any unpaid "unemployment waiting week" for the remainder of the notice they weren't paid for, but any weeks beyond this usually brings things back to whether they quit with good cause or not.

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