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I was on a year contract with my job and they did not renew the contract. I worked for the State of Florida, Can I receive unemployment?

I was hired July 1, 2008 with the State of Florida on a one year contract. The contract has expired and they did not renew the contract. I am now out of work. That is not the only problem. My mother has dementia and she recently fell and had to have surgery. She can no longer be at home by herself. I was paying someone to come in and take care of her while I was working. Recently, the caregiver had to quit because she had to move out of town to take care of her own family member. Now I don't have anyone to take care of my mother and it will be very difficult for me to get a job, right now, until I find someone else that I can afford to be with my mother.

Give me some good advice


Well, you should be eligible for unemployment if the employer chose not to renew and didn't offer any other job at all.

But not being able and available for work is disqualifying until you do become able and available. If you tell the state you're not able and available and actively seeking work .. it raises the issue and they investigate to find out why.

My suggestion is to check into getting your mother on medicaid so there is coverage for in-home care.

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