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I was Perceived to Have a Disability

If I was perceived to have first stage Alzheimer or dementia and it was told to other employees in an office with the door open is there anything I can do about this.

The State I live does not require the company to provide provisions.

Being Perceived as Disabled .. as Opposed to Diagnosed?

Your question clearly prompted me to ask some questions of my own.

1. Was it a co-worker, or a boss who perceived you had Alzheimer, or dementia, or did the sharing of sensitive HIPAA type information occur after you were diagnosed by a doctor and then .. a co-worker, or boss proceeded to tell other employees with no business knowing anything about anyone's actual medical condition, other than their own?

2. Why did a perceived disability come up in the first place .. wherever that open door was located? Or, were you trying to tell me you think the the conversation you were either a part of, or overheard, was just inappropriate if it was related to something work related .. like job performance?

3. What do you mean when you write, "The State I live in does not require the company to provide provisions."

Provisions .. about what? For what specifically?

As for what you might do .. I would suggest you begin reading about the types of workplace discrimination that can and do occur everyday .. somewhere in this country.

Chris -

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