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I was recently on unemployment in IL after Circuit City closed its doors. I accepted another job and after less than two weeks, I am contemplating my decision to accept this job.

by Evan
(Herrin, IL, US)

I accepted a Store Manager Job with **Co. name deleted** in Harrisburg, IL. The store manager there is being let go by this employer after 7 years of service. This manager has a customer base that is very loyal to her and have let me know about it daily. This store has a current lawsuit against it for a possible peeping tom in their tanning area. Some of the customers know about this and have commented to that since I am taking her job that they may call or say something about this to get me out of the building. I feel that I am now in a position already to have to look out for myself. My responsibilities on the job include cleaning the beds and going in the general area of the tanning while customers are tanning. My fear is that if these customers are serious about what they are saying that my workplace will continue to become more of a personal issue than just a business issue. If I quit to keep this from becoming a problem will I still be able to re-open my unemployment case?

Hi Evan,

This is a really good question because what you are saying is that you are being harassed by "customers" who are saying things that are making you anxious about the "customers" creating a
potential hostile work environment for you.

And I apologize because I can't really say for sure if your situation has a potential to be considered good cause for quitting in Illinois.

So, I think it best if I refer you to Illinois Legal Aid. so you can speak with an attorney about your situation.

I think your question is extremely proactive (I hate this term, but it works here).

In any event, I think you will still need to show you made some kind of effort to resolve this problem with the employer first. I do know that employers are required to protect their employees from harassment from vendors and clients, but we're talking retail here .. I would imagine it's not "every" customer, but a list of identifiable customers that are causing you problems .. I am leaning toward the necessity for you to inform the employer of the "troublemakers" and then being allowed to refuse service to these customers, but understand this is just speculation. I really do think you should talk with a "trained legal expert" because without showing cause .. you won't be able to collect the benefits, although, I do see the potential in your situation for first being allowed to start collecting again, but then having to face and employer appealed unemployment hearing.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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