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I was "separated " from my company for being a "distraction" to other workers in a negative way


I have had this position for almost 3 years, during that time, tragedy hit 3 x fast, first my brother 41 years old died accidentally, 8 months later my sister had a headache and went to the hospital to be told she had brain cancer at 49 years old and 4-6 months to live, she died 27 days later, my mother then could not even get herself out of bed having just lost two young children in a year, she refused to get out of bed even for the funeral and had emphysema, knowing she would get pneumonia and it would quickly deteriorate into life threatening illness in 20 different ways, she did not care and died 8 months later. I continued to work and also do overtime while sleeping taking care of first my sister, and then my mother and still in shock about my baby brother. My knee had been hurting for a long time and after my mothers death I finally went to find out what it was, it was a torn miniscus of the posterior bone with very advanced (for my age) osteoarthritis another words bone on bone. I was given shots for the pain put on short term disability and while I was out with this injury I had a complete breakdown having never dealt with any of my family's dying. there was not time. I stayed out with a doctors note for 5 months and ( by the way my manager accepted gifts that were my mothers after she died when I was at my most vulnerable but it was clear from body language in my opinion that my job could be in jeopardy had I NOT DONE something to appease her my immediate supervisor. these were expensive pieces and she constantly reminded me that I was very lucky these things were not being held against me.(death?)

During the interim it came to light, not from me, but actually from her slipping that she may have accepted a few trinkets.
no less than a thousand dollars in gifts were given to her for my piece of mind during that tragic time. When I called to say I was ready to come back This same supervisor who was now fearful of me being around since she had done something blatantly against company policy did everything she could to dissuade me, but I knew the law and they had to rehire me. I have been back one week and harassed to the point of her calling me into her office to speak to me at the end of my break and then writing me up for being late by 3 minutes........does this sound legal at any level???????? by the way been there five days, spoken to few if any people and now they think it would be best if we parted ways, they will not " FIGHT" me on my unemployment, which how could they? and they will keep my medical in place until the end of November.....nice of them......I am being told in order for this to be in place I have to sign paperwork, I am guessing to the effect that I will not pursue any type of legal action either through a lawyer or the department of labor.....also side bar...I swipe in on time and in her book she marks me late if the phone says 1 minute after my hour, even though they are NOT SYNCHRONIZED.......AND I AM IN THE OFFICE AT MY ASSIGNED TIME, AND MAY EVEN BE SPEAKING TO A MANAGER PRIOR TO GETTING ON THE PHONE, WHICH HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.....
hope you got this all.....

Hi Anonymous,

I believe I got all that, but I must have missed the question, and please accept my heartfelt sympathies. I cannot imagine the grief that must have overcome you.

Your supervisor sounds like a piece of work.

Also, I wouldn't be signing any piece of paper .. not even to avoid them protesting your unemployment or reliquishing your right to sue the employer.

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