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I was suspended from my job because I was arrested outside of work. I am innocent.. What should i do? I have no money and know in the back of my mind I'll be fired .

by jason
(boston ma)

I got suspended at my job because of my action outside of work. I got arrested. Depending on whats happens in court I could be fired.

I know I'm going to beat the case, but I was involved with somebody from my job that broke the rules at my job.

I got arrested with that person. I know I'm going to be fired and my job knows that I was involved with this guy that broke the rules, but still my job has me suspended until court day.

What should I do? I need money and I want unemployment.

Hi Jason,

File for unemployment now to start the process .. which by the way does not provide immediate relief for your financial woes.

A suspension is usually unpaid and if you are able to prove that you were suspended and subsequently fired for reasons beyond your control (a not guilty verdict). The suspension and termination would be without good cause.


I certainly hope you also understand the fact that unemployment benefits will be denied even if you are found not guilty by a court for being with a co-worker at the time he broke an employer rule if your actions are simply proven, by the employer, to be negligent in acting or not acting in a way that was "harmful to the employer's interest".

Although you didn't really give any details of this arrest and what it was for. The preceding paragraph is to benefit you if I read between the lines correctly.


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