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i was threatened physically

i called my boss to let her know i would not be in due to illness. She hung up on me. The next time i talked to her on the phone she said that if i were in arms reach she wouldn't have hung up on me but she would have hit me.

I left the job the next day.

She has been abusive like this since almost day one Jan. 2009 until 4/-1/10 HELP


I always try to help, but if you haven't noticed .. the message around here is you've got to help yourself by being able to PROVE good cause to quit.

Documents, witnesses, official complaints filed while you still have a job .. etc .. all used to prove that what you say is true.

Imagine the chaos if all one had to do was open their mouth, tell their story, and be believed by the state. There wouldn't be an employer left in America.

Without documentation, any decision will be a "credibility decision".

Who had the most credible account of events.

The reason more people don't get benefits when they quit is because no one ever documents their employment. They put up and put up with it .. until one day they just snap and quit in the heat of the moment.

You've got to think your moves in the workplace through .. quit flying by the seat of your pants and start thinking like a corporate employer thinks.

Document, document, document.

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