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I was willing to pay but, to be quite honest ..

by Ayelet T.

I contacted Chris through her website,, after being terminated from my job. I had already applied for unemployment and was waiting for the interview which was scheduled for the next day. I was nervous and scared because I knew that my case was complicated, and that even after having been terminated, it was not clear that I would get benefits.

I was willing to pay but, to be quite honest, I was afraid that this site was a scam. However, Chris was very willing to answer my questions and to explain who she was. There was a person at the other end. Once I paid and spoke to Chris I felt very comfortable.

Chris really knows her business. Even with a case as complicated as mine she she was able to guide me as to how to answer the questions in the unemployment interview. We both understood that it was a long shot even with the coaching.

Two weeks later I received the good news. I was approved for unemployment. I truly believe that I could not have done it without Chris's insight, knowledge, and guidance. Thank you Chris.

Extremely grateful,

Ayelet T.

Southern California

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by: Peggy Johnson

I would just like to say congrats to you! I know that Chris knows what she is talking about & all her research is so valuable. I enjoy reading her responses to others & from this I am also learning about the system.

If you listen to her advise & document your every move, you will be prepared for your appeals! I was blessed to come across this site prior to my qutting my job for intolerable work conditions and I also was approved for benefits based on my documents that I had collected against my prior employer.

I just wanted to share my comments with you that all this hard work Chris does is Heaven sent!

Thanks to you always Chris!

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