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I was working 2 parttime jobs and got layed off one can i get unemployment

by marcus
(Georgia Unemployment Benefits)

I was working two part time jobs and got layed off from one.

Can I get unemployment benefits for being laid off from just one parttime job?

Answer for .. I was working 2 parttime jobs and got layed off one can i get unemployment?

Hi Marcus,

I think you should at least file a claim, so you can know one way or another.

I can't say if you will be entitled to a partial benefit amount because the formulas for calculating the amount of benefits is dependent on how much you're still earning.

It is certainly, a good idea to file now to basically, lock in those earnings from the job you were laid off from .. just in case you lose that other job for some reason. (This is a matter of making sure you can qualify monetarily .. just in case.)

A warning is that you shouldn't quit the other job to collect the full amount of benefits.

That, would likely, disqualify you from any benefits at all due to a voluntary quit without good cause. (People do this because they think it makes it easier to look for full-time work).

Partial unemployment benefits may pay less, but once you consider the amount of wages the state will disregard before calculating the amount .. you've been incentivized to keep a part time job as you will be making more than full benefits by the disregard amount.

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