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I was working for 7 years and been collecting un emplyment since the company i worked for closed. I am self employed when do i stop collecting??

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If you are self employed .. are you able and available for work or looking for full-time suitable employment? If not, you should not be collecting unemployment .. regardless of whether you are making any money or not.

Self employed means different things to different people. Some people hold down full-time jobs and are self employed in their spare time.

I think you asked this question under Florida and I have talked to people who have been disqualified for reporting "party type sales" that didn't even come to seven times the Federal minimum wage .. which is the amount FL will disregard before adjusting the weekly benefit amount.

They were denied because they were deemed to be self employed and therefore not available for work.

Then they have to prove to the state that they aren't guilty of fraud.

I myself became unemployed after I started this website. When I decided to put google ads on it .. I stopped filing for benefits .. if nothing else this should give you some idea of how serious I think avoiding potential fraud conflict with the unemployment department should be.

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