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I wasn't able to show up for my appeal date

by Beth

I was fired on 8-13-12. I was eligible to receive EDD Benefits till now. My employer appealed and I wasn't able to be there. He lied about the reasons he fired me. What can I do.

Hi Beth,

I'm assuming you just looked for an answer in the wrong section of the website because this is a question about appeal hearings wondering if there is anyway to appeal to the California Unemployment Insurance Board of Review .. to get the appeal reopened back at the lower level or .. another tribunal type hearing.

So, this depends on you .. and whether you have good cause to use in this board appeal for the non-appearance. It's very possible to appeal to the board .. who will issue an order for another hearing to be held just to find out if you had good cause for the non-appearance.

If all goes well what happens next .. depends onn the issues listed on the new hearing notice.

If non-appearance is the only issue, you'd have to wait for that hearing decision .. which will find good cause and schedule a new hearing with the misconduct issue .. or it won't find good cause .. in which case .. you might be screwed.

I will talk about this sort of stuff Beth ..
The free 15 minute offer should be long enough to discuss the non-appearance issue.

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